“When I moved to the area a year ago I decided to adopt a dog that likes to be active like me, so Walter entered my life. This English Setter pup could run 5 miles with me without tiring, I loved all this activity when I worked from home!

“Then I decided to go back to school and had no idea what to do with this active pup; waking at 4am to run before class did not seem appealing.

“This is where Loretta entered the picture and saved my house from being destroyed by a bored pup. I met Loretta at the dog parked earlier this year and could see her passion for animals so when I needed to find someone to exercise Walter in the mornings I immediately went to her.

“I knew I made a great choice my first day back at school when Loretta sent me a text message of Walter at Lap It Up; the rain had put a damper on their plans for the dog park but Loretta was a problem solver and made sure Walter got all his energy out at this indoor dog venue!

“The text messages I receive about their mornings are the highlight of my day and make me feel so relieved to know my dog is being cared for by someone he loves and who adores him. Meet with her, let her interact with your pet and I promise you that you’ll want her to be a part of you and your pets lives!”



“Loretta took care of our puppy Leo for a weekend, and we couldn’t be happier with the results.

“We’ve met her and Taxi at the dog park, and completely trusted our dog with her.  She asked plenty of questions making she knew any rules that the owners wanted enforced while we were gone. She played with him in the backyard and he got to go outside as often as he wanted.

“When we came home Leo was so happy and he slept soundly while we were settling in back at home.  I’m definitely recommending her to my friends.”





“Sobie gives Loretta a high five, and 5 stars!

“We met Loretta at the Piney Woods dog park.  She recently took care of Sobie for a weekend while I was traveling.  Now, every time Sobie sees her at the park, she is Sooooo happy to see her!

“Sobie loves Loretta’s dog Taxi, but is even more excited to see Loretta!  I think this is a great evidence of the amazing care she got.

“Loretta is clearly a person who loves dogs, and they love her.  Sobie is such an important part of my life, and when I have to be away, it is very important to know that she is are safe and well cared for.

“We see Loretta several times a week at the dog park, so I have had many opportunities to see how she interacts with all kinds of dogs.  She is someone you can fully trust to tune into your dog’s individual needs and personality, and to provide outstanding and loving care and service.”



Leo's Testimonial“When I moved to Durham to start my pediatrics residency, I was working 12-14 hrs per day and was in need of a dogwalker on short notice.

“When I contacted Loretta, I’d already obtained quotes from 10-15 companies. Loretta’s prices were the lowest and she was willing to be flexible with my ever-changing schedule. She and another dogwalker came to my house to meet Leo while I was home so he would be familiar with them when they came to let him out.

“Leo and I liked her right away!

“She’s gone above and beyond on a regular basis since I hired her. When I worked night shifts over the holidays, Loretta and her staff agreed to let Leo out between 10 and 11PM, even on New Year’s Eve! Loretta has also come to let Leo out at the last minute when I’ve gotten stuck at the hospital later than expected.

“Leo adores her and I and feel lucky to have found her!”



Bourbon and Bear - Testimonial“Our two fur babies always stayed at a Camp Bow Wow when we were away but we wanted to try Loretta’s services as she came highly recommended.

“We went out of town for four days and could not have been happier with her! She cared for our two boys as if they were her own! We received constant communication from her about their day and many pictures to show how happy and loved they were!

“When we got home, they looked so relaxed and happy! We were also pleasantly surprised that Loretta brought packages in that were left at the door for us. We highly recommend such a professional and dog loving person for your dog!

“Loretta rocks!”


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Meet Loretta

Photo by Jesse Degraff Photography

Loretta has been working with animals in one fashion or another since 1993 and has experience with dogs, cats, lizards, snakes, and birds.

She is currently "mom" to two Rhodesian Ridgebacks named Taxi and Cessna and cat named Walter. She is also an aunt to Merlin (Lab/Australian Shepherd mix).

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